At Cavely, we strive to make each print look so close to the original that it’s hard to tell the difference. That's why we use William Turner Fine Art Paper by Hahnemühle. It is certified to last, made of 100% cotton and textured to feel like watercolor paper. The ink we use is special too. It's smudge, water and fade resistant. Because of that combination of quality paper and ink, all of our prints are considered Giclee prints. Giclee (pronounced zhee-Klay) is a French word used to describe archival art reproductions. In simpler terms, it means our prints are guaranteed to last up to 100 years. 


Before one of our prints ends up in your hands, it starts with a few simple things. A tray full of paints, a jar of clean water, a handful of brushes, and a fresh sheet of watercolor paper. Once the painting is finished, we scan it at a high resolution, carefully remove any imperfections and prepare the colors until the print looks identical to the original.