Millie's Nursery

Come have a look inside little Miss Millie's nursery.


The story behind putting her room together:

Since our little gal came 5 weeks before we were expecting her, I only had her crib and changing table set up along with her bookshelf when we brought her home from the hospital. There were a few decorations in the closet waiting patiently to be hung, but that was about it.

At first I was discouraged that I had nothing prepared. I wished I had taken the advice to have everything ready early. But there was no going back to change things. We had bought a house back in May but had been looking since December, so everything we did felt like a mad dash! The only room I really wanted to work on the whole time was Millie's room. I put it off because I knew I'd get nothing done in the rest of the house once I started working on her nursery.

Then all of a sudden she was here, she really existed! I could hardly believe it. I had no time to get her room ready now that she was here. I felt a twinge of failure. And then I slowly realized that instead of having a room already set up for a little girl I had never met before, I had an opportunity to set up a room for a little gal I was getting to know very well. 

Back in January, when I was only 12 weeks along, I was dreaming of the nursery and whether we would have a boy or a girl and what we would name him or her. We were on a winter vacation with some dear friends and stopped at a quaint bookstore off the main street downtown. I've always loved perusing the children's section at bookstores, but this time, my perusing had a little more purpose behind it. I was looking for a book for our very own baby. Not just the idea of a baby, but a real baby. Our baby. What a thrill! I found the book "Bear Hug" by Katharine McEwan. It was perfect. A whimsical book about a Bear family and the changing seasons. That book became the inspiration behind the whole nursery. But once we found out we were having a girl, I knew I wanted the room to feel delicate, feminine and timeless with a flare of whimsy and a few floral touches. 

My favorite part of decorating her room was painting something for her. My first painting for my first baby girl. It was inspired by the trip we took to see the wildflowers in Crested Butte the week before Millie was born. I was enchanted by the gorgeous flowers and the birds all over the place. So I painted a wreath of wildflowers and a chickadee and hummingbird around a quote by A. A. Milne. "As soon as I saw you, I knew a grand adventure was about to happen." It took every bit of my energy and creativity and extra moments to make it when she was just a few weeks old.

I searched and searched and searched for the perfect sheets for the crib and changing table. I knew I wanted them to feel woodsy but not too masculine. When I found a sheet that looked like a nest, I knew that was the one! I didn't love the changing table sheets that matched so I chose a more lively fabric that I felt coordinated well instead. 

At a little shop off Broadway in Denver, I found a penant banner made out of vintage hankies. I hadn't planned purple tones for her room but I loved the delicate, timeless look of the banner and decided to try and make it work. THEN.... I FOUND IT!! T-H-E thing that I felt tied ALL my ideas together. "Acorn Trail" fabric by Teagan White. We used it to have a pillow and a quilt made by our friends Shelley and Emily. Then I bought a print of a Raccoon by Teagan White as well as her two children's books, "Adventures with Barefoot Critters" and "Bunny Roo, I Love You." 

I picked out Holztiger wooden blocks shaped like woodland creatures and selected my two favorite Hazel Village dolls. An owl named Lucy and a rabbit named Juliette. (Though I wanted to buy them ALL!) And while my mom was in town, we made paper flowers together and put them in a vintage milk bottle with paper that resembles water. 

By far, looking for the perfect books was one of my favorite things to do as I got ready for Millie's arrival. We love the books "I Am A Bunny" illustrated by Richard Scarry, "Home" by Carson Ellis, "Dream Animals" by Emily Winfield Martin, "The Flashlight" book by Lizi Boyd, "The Swing" illustrated by Julie Morstad and "Beautiful Birds" illustrated by Emmanuelle Walker.


A. A. Milne Quote Painting - available in my shop on Nov 30

Custom Quilt - Quilts By Emily

Custom Pillow - Home Again

Acorn Trail Fabric - Fancy Tiger

Crib + Changing Table - Babyletto

Diaper Pail - Ubbi

Rocker - 2 Modern

Changing Pad Cover - Land of Nod

Fitted Sheet - Land of Nod

Woodland Creature Blocks - Holztiger

Wooden Frames - Pottery Barn 

Door Latch Softener - Latchy Catchy

Sweet Pea Rattle - Maileg 

Fox + Racoon Stuffies - Sew Lovely from DIME

Bunny Rattle - Mini Mioche

Handmade Owl + Rabbit Dolls - Hazel Village

Oswald The Fluffy Owl - Jelly Cat

Bookshelf - IKEA

Paper Flowers - A Kit from Target

Hankie Penant Banner - Decade Gifts, Denver CO

Fox Painting - Becca Stadtler card from Trader Joe's

Framed Bookshelf Art - Leah Duncan

Pendant Light Fixture - IKEA 

Wooden Bear Shaker - Green Tones

Fawn Rattle - Jelly Cat