Mandy Cave is the artist behind Cavely. She was introduced to watercolor in college and has been captivated by the medium ever since.

Her desire to turn her passion into a business came when she realized that a meaningful painting is able to encourage a person on a deeper level than conversation alone.    

She lives in Colorado Springs, CO.  

Was born and raised in Texas.

Loves going on long walks.

Has a habit of twirling her hair. 

Dances when no one is watching.

Usually listens to Alison Krause, Nat King Cole or Seryn.

Finds a lot of joy in cooking for loved ones. 

favorite.portrait.bear9 copy.jpg

Brian Cave is the man behind all things technical. If it weren't for him, Cavely would still be just an idea. He is also the emotional and physical support of the business. So if it involves taking apart a printer, researching for the best equipment, carrying heavy things or cheering up a gloomy Mandy, he's the main man in charge. 

Born and raised in the good ole' state of Texas. 

Is usually looking for opportunities to slack line.

Can handle a cup of coffee after 9pm.

Enjoys camping and building fires.

Prefers argyle socks over boring white ones.

Listens to The Decemberists or hits from the 80's. 

Likes getting his hands dirty working on his Subaru. 

Is crazy for spicy food.