Mandy Cave is the artist behind Cavely. She lives in Colorado Springs, CO with her husband Brian, daughter Millie and pup Otis. Together they offer high quality prints made from Mandy's original watercolor paintings. Their products are inspired by nature and the outdoors. Mandy usually catches the vision for a new painting after an adventure camping or hiking. The feeling of being outside in the middle of nature, when worries feel small, is the one she tries to convey with each of her paintings. That moment when breathing in the fresh air, feeling the wind on your face and gazing ahead is all that matters. The Caves love that feeling! So they try to capture it with their work. Because they believe art can make people pause, just like nature can. Their hope is that these watercolor prints can hang on your wall as a visual breath of fresh air for that day when it is needed most.

Cavely was established in January of 2014 and officially opened up shop in September. The name was chosen when a group of close friends got together over a homemade meal to brainstorm ideas for a name that would convey the spirit of Mandy's paintings. After a lot of laughter and several options that fell short, one especially creative and entrepreneurial friend came up with the name Cavely as a play off Mandy and Brian's last name. 

Mandy is able to accept a limited number of custom projects per year. If you think she might be a good fit for your project, feel free to reach out.